Find Your Flow


This workshop will explore some important aspects of approaching a dynamic and fluid vinyasa yoga practice with ease and well being. Open to all levels of experience and ability.

Strike a Pose

Our physical anatomy, health conditions, lifestyles and emotions, are all unique to the person and these aspects collectively influence how we as individuals can access a yoga asana (pose) and its benefits!


With this in mind we will begin with segmenting the basics of the ‘sun salutation’ and its key alignments, progressing to other popular postures and their transitions.

Exploring movements

You will also have the opportunity to explore an alternative perspective to the motion of the physical body within space.


Intelligent decisions will be made by you about the movement, pace, breath and alignment, enabling you to proceed with safety and confidence, gaining optimal benefit from your yoga practice.

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This workshop is open to all levels of experience and ability. Please get in touch regarding availabilities and bookings.

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